I'm an architectural writer, photographer and artist based in Manchester, UK. I'm also a teaching fellow at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. I'm currently completing a book Anarchist Architecture, to be published by Reaktion in 2021; and, with Sarah Butler, an edited collection Manchester: Something Rich & Strange to be published by Manchester University Press in November 2020. 


I'm the author of Future Cities: Architecture & the Imagination (Reaktion, 2019); The Dead City: Urban Ruins & the Spectacle of Decay (IB Tauris, 2017); Iron, Ornament & Architecture in Victorian Britain (Ashgate, 2014); London's Sewer (Shire, 2014); and Into the Belly of the Beast: Exploring London's Victorian Sewers (Spire, 2009). I'm also co-editor of Global Undergrounds: Exploring Cities Within (Reaktion, 2016); and Function & Fantasy: Iron Architecture in the Long Nineteenth Century (Routledge, 2016). 


My writing and research broadly covers architecture and cities since the 19th century, with particular interests in Manchester, urban futures, underground spaces and ruins, print culture, and industrial architecture. I've published many articles on such diverse topics as drowned cities, the ruins of Chernobyl, neo-Victorian horror cinema, gardening catalogues, census forms, London guidebooks, sewage pumping stations and information for cab passengers. I am also a visual artist and photographer and created the website stonesofmanchester.com in 2018. 

For any enquiries about writing, talks, photography or art work, please contact me at dobraszczyk@yahoo.co.uk